Why does my Listing Editor look different?
We want to help you build a better quality listing that will attract more guests. To help you do that, we've launched a new Listing Editor tool that makes it easier to update your listing on-the-go, keep track of ongoing listing quality progress and upload and crop photos.

What is new about the Listing Editor?
  • Listing Quality Score so you can keep track of your progress in building an attractive listing with the new.
  • Easy to use photo editor that allows you to manage, crop and caption all of your photos in a few simple steps.
  • Sleek mobile friendly design that lets you update your listing from virtually anywhere.
  • Opportunities to include more content about your B&B including awards and associations, more information about your rooms and more information about you, the innkeeper.
  • Automatic translations, so you can reach travelers around the world in five languages.

What is the Required Information and why do I have to fill it out?
The Required Information page consists of the minimum requirements our Customer Support team needs to set your listing live. The following information is required for your listing to go live:
  • The name of your property
  • Your address
  • A short description of your property and highlights
  • The average nightly rate range
  • Your cancellation policy
  • Main photo

What is the Listing Quality Score and how do I increase it?
With the new Listing Editor, you’ll notice there is a completion percentage in the top right-hand corner. This was designed to help you know how much information still needs to be added to your listing. You will know if a certain section needs more information if it does not have a green checkmark next to the text link in the left-hand column. If a green checkmark is present, that means this section is 100% complete. If there is no checkmark next to a section, know that there is information that still needs to be filled out. To increase your listing quality score, make sure that you have uploaded the best high-resolution photos and have completed each of the sections.

Why do my photos look blurry on my listing?
Your photos look blurry on your listing because they are a lower resolution than the size of the images on your property page. We recommend that you only upload high-resolution photos that are at least 1024x768 pixels. A 4:3 aspect ratio (height to width) will showcase photos best on your listing.

How does the Property Gallery work?
Our new Property Gallery saves time by allowing you to upload multiple photos at one time and allows you the option to crop photos if necessary. Upload photos to your library, and select the photos you’d like on your listing by checking the box beneath each photo.  Give more details by adding captions to your photos by selecting Edit Photos.  With our new Photo Gallery, you even have the option to upload your own video of the property.

What happened to my photo archive?
Instead of separating your archive and gallery, we’ve consolidated both to one place for your viewing convenience.  Any photos that have check marks beneath them are active photos on your listing, while ones with unchecked boxes will not be featured on your listing.  

Why am I only allowed to list 5 property highlights?
We want to make sure our travelers can easily find what they’re looking for, so we’ve limited the property highlights for each bed and breakfast to only five. Please select the 5 property highlights that best represent your property.

How do I update my listing on third party sites like Expedia, Priceline, etc?
If you use BedandBreakfast.com as a channel manager for third party sites, our team will build and update your third party listings for you! Unfortunately, if you make updates on the Listing Editor this will not sync with your third party listings. If you need any changes to your third party listing send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the changes and attach any photos you would like to add. If you are not on third party sites and would like to learn more about how it could increase your exposure and bookings, click here.