What is the switch to Expedia Partner Central?
Over the past year, BedandBreakfast.com has been working to better integrate its products and services into the Expedia family. We recognize that to continue to push the B&B industry forward and provide you the tools necessary to grow your business, we have to leverage Expedia’s partner platform.

Beginning June 2018 we will start the process of switching all BedandBreakfast.com listings to Expedia’s Partner Services (EPC) platform. Properties will be able to manage their listing on both Expedia and BedandBreakfast.com through EPC. We now have the ability to pull in listings directly from Expedia so all of our members will still be on BedandBreakfast.com.

Why is BedandBreakfast.com using the Expedia Platform now?
Expedia Partner Services provides industry-leading analytics, reporting, payment terms and competitive insights.

We are excited about the new tools and features that will be available to our members. To highlight a few of the new benefits you will have available on this platform:
  • Flexible Payment and commission terms
  • World-class listing management tools such as photo editor, as well as multi-language/currency support
  • Better analytics, reports and business intelligence data 
  • Ability to provide promotions, specials, and packages directly to travelers
  • Better and more connectivity options to PMS partners
  • 24/7 customer support
Expedia is continuously looking at new opportunities and features to better serve their customers’ needs and we are excited to unlock this same toolset for our innkeepers.

When do I switch to Expedia Partner Central?
We recommend making the switch as soon as possible to avoid any additional wait time as more properties begin making the switch. All listings and properties will be required to use the new platform if they want to stay on BedandBreakfast.com. The deadline for final switched is October 1, 2018.

How long will the migration take?
It depends on your current connectivity and membership status.The migration process will be simple. If you are already online bookable and distributing to Expedia through your BedandBreakfast.com listing, then you will work with the team here to get a new contract signed. Once signed and submitted it can take up to two weeks to finalize and receive access to Expedia Partner Central where you will manage your property information. 

If you do not currently offer online bookings and you do not list on Expedia you will need to reach out to Expedia direct and start the contracting process. Typically this is also a quick process.

While there is no guarantee to make the process faster, it will make the process more efficient if you follow any provided instruction in a timely manner.

Who do I call if I need help? With Expedia? HA? BBcom?
We are here to help you through the entire transition process.  
  • Hotel Help: 888 397-1786 email: hotelhelp@Expedia.com
  • Market Management: 855-783-9733 Option 6; email: naregional@Expedia.com

I am in my renewal period and I want to renew my subscription.
At this time, all renewals and membership changes will go through Expedia. You can reach out to us directly with questions or begin the process with Expedia directly. Your listing will still automatically be updated on BedandBreakfast.com after you sign up with Expedia.

My membership has lapsed, and I would like to re-join BBcom and/ or Expedia.
At this time, in order to continue visibility on our site, you will need to join Expedia directly.

I don’t want to transition over to Expedia, what are my options?
I am sorry to hear you don't feel Expedia would be a good fit. We understand that this solution may not be best for everyone. We hope that our members see the value in the additional tools and features EPC has to offer and also see the value in managing their listing from one single location. In order to have visibility on our suite of sites, joining Expedia is the first step.

Since I am going to transition over to Expedia, I would like to make some changes to my listing.
You are free to make changes to your listing anytime before you migrate. Once the migration process has begun, any changes made on the BedandBreakfast.com will NOT automatically transfer. Once activated on Expedia, you will be able to make changes to your listing on the Expedia platform.  

I am in the middle of my membership. Do I have to transition over now or at the point of my renewal?
You can choose to make the switch at either point in time.  However, The faster we can get the process started, the sooner you will be back up. 

I signed up with Expedia. I need assistance with my photos and content.
All changes to your listing moving forward will be handled with the Expedia teams.  Hotel help: 888-397-1786 or you can email them at  hotelhelp@Expedia.com.

How do I know when my listing on Expedia is live?
You will receive communication via Expedia on the status of your property. The timeline will vary depending on when you sign the contract, upload rates/availability, connect via your PMS and many other factors. Feel free to ask a market manager or Expedia team member for updates.

Will I still be visible on Homeaway, Vrbo and other Homeaway affiliates?
By joining Expedia Direct, you will have exposure on a number of sites, including BBcom, Hotels.com, Orbitz, and other Expedia affiliate brands. Our Homeaway listing connection will temporarily be coming down during this process. We are working on getting a connection to HomeAway sites via the new Expedia listing so all of our members can also be shown on Homeaway websites.

I need to get paid on my reservations that are still pending. How will that work?
At this time, all reservations booked prior to your migration will be remain with BedandBreakfast.com and will be paid via existing channels and timelines.

Can I just connect to Expedia via my PMS?
Yes, you can utilize your PMS system to connect to Expedia. Please check with Expedia on whether your software has a direct connection. Once you've signed your new contract with Expedia and have received your EPC login credentials, you will be able to select your PMS from the list of connection options. The Expedia team will then initiate the connection with your PMS software. Your listing will still be on BedandBreakfast.com regardless of how you connect to Expedia. Expedia offers many more direct connections than BedandBreakfast.com. For a complete list you can visit this link.

Who is my point of contact during the waiting period? Who is my Market Manager?
We are here to help you transition to Expedia smoothly. We have adjusted our Market Management team during this time to be able to support any property or InnKeeper regardless of location.

I have an annual subscription with BedandBreakfast.com and would like to switch over now before my subscription ends. Can I get a refund?
Please reach out to customer service and we can talk through your specific situation.

Will I still have access to my Home Base after the transition?
Yes, your access will remain open to Home Base. Historical account information and listing information will still be available. Some features may not be available after the switch because they will no longer be needed. Any changes made in Home Base after the transition will not update on Expedia.

Will my pending reservations in ORM transfer over to EPC?
No, all pending reservations made through Bedandbreakfast.com will remain within ORM and you will retain access to that tool while you have pending reservations.

I am Diamond Collection Member. How does this affect me?
When you are transitioned over to the EPC platform, you will have the ability to select badges that you qualify for to help your property stand out.  An Expedia Market Manager can also discuss various ways to help you get more visibility for your property. Expedia Market Management can be reached at 855-783-9733 Option 6; email: naregional@Expedia.com.

How do I get paid for my bookings?
For any bookings made prior to the migration you can reach out to the BedandBreakfast.com customer service team. For Expedia bookings that have been made since your transition, please contact:
  • Expedia General Support at 800-397-3342
How do I use EPC to track my performance on Expedia?
Expedia Partner Central is a great resource to see your performance and how you stack up in your market and against competition. Reach out to your Expedia contacts and online training modules for for more information.

How do I log into EPC?
You should have received an email from Expedia with your login credentials. Please reach out to Hotel Help at 800-397-1786 and they can walk you through the process. 

I want to change the commission plan I picked.
If you already work with Expedia then we will be switching to an EPC account with your current commission structure and payment plan. If you wish to change your commission and payment plan after the switch, you are free to do so via your Expedia team. Their contact info: Market Management: 855-783-9733 Option 6; email: naregional@Expedia.com

What is the difference between Hotel Collect and Expedia Collect?  
If you would like to switch to “Expedia Collect”, Expedia would collect  and process the traveler’s payment.   Once the guest checks in, Expedia would pay you less their commissions. This model is most like the current BBcom model you use.  The cost for this would be 18%.

With “Hotel Collect,” you would be responsible for the credit card processing and would be invoiced the commission by Expedia on a monthly basis after your check-in occurs. If this is something you are interested in, please contact Expedia.

I am working direct with Expedia and also have a listing with you. Can you merge the accounts so I have all my information in EPC?
Unfortunately, there is no way of merging accounts since we run on different platforms. You will continue to use your existing Expedia account and we pull the information from there.

What will my listing look like when its re-imported to BBcom?

User-added image
User-added image

Where do I go to redeem a BedandBreakfast.com gift card?
Right now the process remains the same for redeeming gift cards. You can log into your BedandBreakfast.com Home Base and redeem gift cards through the Gift Card page.

What will happen to my reviews on Expedia? 
Your reviews currently on Expedia will remain there.  The reviews that are currently on your Bedandbreakfast.com listing will not transfer over.  We are actively working with the Expedia teams on a solution for getting the reviews over to your new listing with Expedia.

How do I receive guest information?
When you become a member of Expedia, you will receive access to Expedia Partner Central. When a booking is made you will receive the guest's name and phone number. Expedia has a tool called Conversations. Conversations allows you to communicate with the traveler via the Expedia platform on mobile and desktop.

Why is my property not live on Expedia if I’ve already re-contracted?
The process can take a little bit of time to finalize. You can always check in with Market Management on the status of your property. Please allow up to 2 weeks (depending on if all the steps are handled in a timely manner) for the entire process to finish.

Why is my property not live on BedandBreakfast.com? I was told my property would be re-imported back in the feed? 
This process can take a few days to finalize and go live. If it has been longer than one week please reach out to customer service and we can look into your specific case.

What if I am a RezOvation customer?
Right now there is no change to the listing process or connection with RezOvation. You will continue to use the RezOvation software to connect to Expedia.